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Unlodged tax returns and tax debts

Need a lifeline?


Do you have outstanding tax returns that you have been putting off for years?

Or are you struggling to pay a tax debt?

Have you received a fine from the ATO which you think is unfair?

Not sure what to do next?

We can help with ATO debt and overdue returns

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Catching up on past tax returns

Using a tax agent to help you deal with the ATO is the best way to manage tax debts and penalties. We have experience in successfully negotiating the reversal of fines and interest penalties for our clients.

And catching up on your tax returns might be easier than you think. Since 2006-07 the ATO have made it easier to find your missing information through “pre-filling”. We can access your Pre-filling Report which lists information your income from employers, investments, super funds and Centrelink.

Have you lost some of your tax documents? We have ways of finding them. We can write to the ATO to retrieve old PAYG Payment Summaries (aka ‘group certificates). We can also retreive your dividend history online, and show yo how to get other missing information over the phone.

You know you need to deal with your unlodged tax returns and tax debt eventually. We can make it much less painful than you think. And because most employees get a tax refund, you might find you walk away from the process with money in your pocket!

We would love to discuss how we can rescue you from your tax mess. Please contact our office on 1300 823 011 or email ( and we can find a solution for your problem. You can book an appointment now using the appointment booking button on this page.

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