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Financial help for illness and injury

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you, or somebody close to you, is going through a hard time.  The purpose of this article is to give you some ideas that might alleviate the financial pressures. Illness can come suddenly, and can turn the life of a family on…

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Home office 2019/20

Jarrod Rogers CPA, 3 July 2020 No... you definitely can't. ...claim your coffee machine, that is. There are lots of things you can claim a deduction for if you've had to work from home during the great corona panic of 2020, but the ATO are clear on what you can't…

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SMSF regulation details removed

What does it mean if your SMSF status is Regulation details removed on Super Fund Lookup? The explanation on Super Fund Lookup simply says: The regulation details of this SMSF have been removed from display in Super Fund Lookup due to their failure to lodge returns. But you've already read…

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Job Keeper payment (stimulus part 3)

Jarrod Rogers CPA 3 April 2020 Yes, it's another update from us on government stimulus.  However, every new week is a new tax law, and as businesses owners, we all need to keep up to date. Job Keeper You would have heard of Job Keeper in the news. Here is…

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Available government support for the Coronavirus crisis

18 Mar 2020 Here's our guide to the assistance available to small businesses as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak in Australia.   The government has an assistance package to help keep cash flowing through the economy and people in their jobs.  While additional funds for health care and cash payments…

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NZ taxes: something every Kiwi in Australia needs to know

I've sometimes thought that perhaps Australia needs to make a few things right with our trans-Tasman cousins. I'm sorry about the underarm incident. It's embarrassing to think that we'd resort to cheating like that. Sorry that our recent cricketers show such embarrassing sportsmanship (and I originally wrote that part pre-sandpaper).…

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ANZ Employee Share Plans (+ Free ANZ CGT Calculator)

Are you an ANZ employee (or former employee) who has participated in an Employee Share Plan? You've come to the right place. We can assist you with working out the tax implications for all ANZ share plans including: ANZ Employee Share Offer (Previously known as $1000 Share Plan) (ESAP) ANZ…

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