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Budget 2011 – Small Business

<h3>Tax write off for purchase of motor vehicles</h3> The Government will allow small businesses to claim up to $5,000 as an immediate deduction for motor vehicles, with effect for vehicles acquired from the 2012-13 income year. This is an additional break on top of the new depreciation rules that are…

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Federal Budget Highlights 2011

(re-posted from May 2011) The tax changes can be found on the government’s budget website at the following two links: 1. “Revenue measures” (i.e. tax increases) 2. “Expense measures” (i.e. tax-related spending programmes) We have picked out a few of the changes I think will most affect people on separate…

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Personal Tax Return Prices

Standard fees Standard return from $198 Employees with deductions and minor investments (<5 dividends). Complex return from $260 The higher rate will apply for the following: Motor vehicle claim using the log book method for the first year of a new car. Capital gains tax - simple.  Complex gains, e.g.…

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Taxation statistics 2008-09

Preface Welcome to the latest edition of Taxation statistics, the ATO's most comprehensive statistical publication. The publication is a thorough and detailed collection of data compiled from information provided to the ATO via tax returns for the 2008-09 income year and other information such as GST annual returns and business…

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