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BAS statements explained for a closed business

If the ATO issues a document like a business activity statement (BAS) then they expect it to be lodged on time and any payment made in full. You cannot just ignore BAS statements because your business: Has ceased to operate No longer has a turnover over the GST threshold (currently…

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How to lodge BAS with Auskey in two minutes

Most small business owners hate paperwork and tax. What we do is help them reduce both. In fact, we recently met a small business owner who used to have to allocate a whole day each quarter to do his BAS. We showed him how to do it in five minutes…

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Do I Pay Australian Tax On Overseas Rental Income?

By Jarrod Rogers CPA As with all public information on this website, the following article is for information only. If you want advice specific to your circumstances you need to be a client of Beyond Accountancy. We are currently taking on new clients. "Do I have to pay tax on…

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How to buy gold with your supperannuation

It wouldn't take Sherlock Holmes to conclude that people are worried about the global economy, and its effect on their superannuation. Between 2001 and 2007, the Australian Stock Exchange was booming, and super was growing with it. The so-called "balanced" investment options became decidedly unbalanced with allocations to shares pushing…

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Tax Strategies before June 30

How to reduce your tax before June 30 Here are some simple strategies to gain a financial advantage before June 30. I've summarised these in a YouTube video. Make a personal super contribution Open a first home saver account Work out the tax implications of health insurance Pre-pay your tax…

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How to find missing tax records

Have you lost important tax paperwork? Finding a replacement is not as hard as your think. This article shows the quickest way to find lost tax records, including old PAYG Payment Summaries (aka lost group certificates). Key points The ATO has "pre-filling reports" which are available on-demand for the 2008-09…

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4 effective cures for BAS stress

As the deadline approaches for the latest quarterly business activity statement (BAS), there will be many business owners starting to stress. The quarterly chore of lodging a BAS holds as much anticipation as an appointment with the dentist. Where are those receipts I was keeping? Can I claim GST on…

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Donations & Tax

In this YouTube video I'll explain how much tax benefit you get from your tax deductions. You don't get $100 back for every $100 of deductions - it's actually only a percentage. Watch the video to learn: - why being reimbursed by your employer for work expenses is probably 3…

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What should I bring to my tax appointment?

You can download a summary checklist of what to bring in pdf format: Client Checklist - What Should I Bring Documents to bring to your accountant Clients often ask us what documents they should have in preparation for their tax appointment. One of the simplest ways to work out what…

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