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Why does the ATO pay so much attention to teachers?

Every year, the ATO gives special attention to certain occupations when deciding who to audit.

Have you ever wondered why teachers are on the hit list every couple of years?

According to the ABS, there are 280,000 teachers in Australia. This makes teaching one of the most common of all occupations, so when the ATO says it is “targeting” school teachers, it can get the attention of a large audience.

(For the record, the 2011-12 list includes real estate employees, carpenters and flight attendants, but not teachers).

What tax deductions can a teacher claim?

The idea of the ATO scrutinising your tax return may sound scary and you might be thinking that you can’t claim any deductions because you don’t have any receipts.

But don’t worry. With the right help, it’s easy to get an optimal refund without resorting to “fairy tale” deductions and dodgy claims.

Find an accountant that knows how to do tax returns for teachers

We have prepared tax returns for dozens of teachers, teacher aides and principals over many years. We understand what you can and can’t claim, including the deductions you can include even if you have not kept any receipts.

You might think seeing your accountant is like going to the dentist. It doesn’t have to be. We know how to make things as simple as possible for you. Even if you have not lodged a tax return for several years, we can have you up to date in no time.

Get informed about how the tax rules apply to teachers

We have produced a brief flyer on the tax issues for teachers. Click here to download it: Teachers and Tax

There is also a dedicated page on the ATO website for teachers. It is updated every year and is a handy resource for teachers.

Are you looking for an accountant?

Maybe you are tired of guessing your way through your tax return every year and want some professional help.

Or perhaps you don’t feel like your current accountant is giving your personalised service and assistance.

Maybe you’ve moved to a new part of Australia and are looking to start a new accounting relationship.

Beyond Accountancy is based in Melbourne. Apart from our office in the CBD, we can assist clients anywhere in Australia via our online consultations. All you need is the internet, a phone and your tax paperwork.

To book, call 1300 883 122.

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